Wiring Help Please

Need wiring help. I am trying to figure out how to switch my Hunter Pro-C to a Rachio. Here is my current wiring. The previous home owners installed this. I don’t think the rain sensor works or I have never seen it.

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You can ignore everything that’s connecting to the left, 24 VAC area. Rachio comes with its own supply, so those connections are not needed. The sensor wires you see there should be left alone for now, until the rest of the system is running; we can hook it up later, as it’s not strictly necessary.

To the right you’ll find wires you need; red com wire goes to any of the C terminals, the rest go into numbered zone terminals, their order is not important.
You do not have master valve, so when software asks you about it, choose an option that you do not have one.
Should be pretty straightforward, and easy conversion; let us know if you run into any issues.