Wiring Help - Hunter i-Core to Rachio 3

Howdy! Super excited to join the community and start saving water with Rachio!

I would appreciate wiring help to replace Hunter i-core to Rachio 3.

  1. Thick Blue (P/MV) from Hunter to M on Rachio 3?
  2. Thick White C from Huncter to any C on Rachio?
  3. Thin Blue (REM), White (AC1) , Red (AC2) from Hunter to which port on Rachio?
  4. Thick Red zone wires are self-explanatory. I have 18 zones and thinking of combining two of them. Any issue with this approach? Would it damage pump or controller?

I am ignoring Blue, White, Yellow, and Orange coming from the RainClick Receiver (wires coming from black covering).

I would greatly appreciate your response.


@MasterChief - Welcome to the community


  1. Correct

  2. Correct

  3. None, these don’t transition to Rachio. I believe it is for the Hunter remote, which is what the Rachio App does.

  4. Here are the caveats:
    a. Rachio has a 1,000 milliamp power budget to power the board and all the solenoids that it is holding open at one time - Master Valve or Pump Start relay, running zone (would be doubled for some zones in your case) and the prior zone (if reduce water hammer option is enabled - could be two solenoids for some zones in your case). So it is a math problem if Rachio will support the doubled zones depending on how much current each solenoid draws. You will get an error message if Rachio runs out of electricity (brown out) about a wiring fault if the set up draws too much current. No damage to the controller. There is a work around if needed using another power supply and an addition relay.

b. Depending on the schedule type - Fixed versus Daily Flex the combined zones would need to close to each other in soil type, vegetation (water use), sun exposure, etc. to have acceptable results (IMHO).

The RainClick receiver can be wired into Rachio if desired (belts and suspenders approach) - I’ve just had a couple of rain showers that rained at the house, but not the NWS location.


Agreed . . . another caveat about 4 might be water pressure and not so much a math problem. Having two zone combined and on at the same time could cause the pressure to be too low and therefore not as much coverage.


Thank you @DLane and @Thomas_Lerman! I will give complete wiring later today and provide my input. Super excited!

Thanks for wiring help! It is working as expected with two zones combined (i have not noticed low water pressure).

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There is a Rachio inside Hunter box :slight_smile: