Wiring from Rainbird ESP-M to Rachio 3

I am trying to understand the wiring from the Rainbird ESP-M to the Rachio 3. They are both 12 station. The Rainbird ESP-M has two wires per zone and it only has 12 zones with two wires per zone. The Rachio 3 expects one wire from what I can tell. Wondering if I need to combine them and pigtail off into one going into the Rachio 3 Zones or just not connect the smaller gauge wire. Any help would be great.

I took a look at the Rain Bird ESP-Modular User Manual.
From what I can tell on the second picture:

  • I do not see a Master Valve/Pump (MV), so nothing to M on Rachio
  • 1-12 go directly to 1-12 on the Rachio
  • All COM wires go directly to C on the Rachio
  • VT is used for a “valve test” so would not be connected to Rachio

Last picture:

  • The wires coming from the transformer (white, red, & green) do not go to Rachio. You will use the power supply supplied by Rachio.
  • It appears that you have some sensor (red, white, & brown). I would probably suggest getting it working without this and decide later if you want to use it.

Sorry for the late reply. Just getting back to this and going over to try it.