Wiring for dummies

I have the Hunter Pro C controller and attempting to switch to the Rachio 3. I was hoping for a simple plug and play but obviously not that easy. Can someone help please?

Just to save a small possibility of debugging, I would suggest running each zone before making the change to make sure they are all working ahead of time.

Below is what I see in the pictures. I personally think it will be a pretty easy switch, but I have helped many people with them.

  1. First picture:
    1. SEN: Part of a sensor, probably rain.
    2. SEN: Another part, not sure if any others
    3. REM: Hunter remote, do not connect anywhere on Rachio. Rachio’s remote is your phone app
    4. AC2: Power to Hunter, do not connect anywhere on Rachio. Use Rachio’s supplied power supply.
      1. The white wire is part of REM, see REM
    5. AC1: see AC2
      1. The red wire is part of REM, see REM
    6. GND: see AC2
  2. Second picture:
    1. Zones 6-1: Directly to 6 - 1 on Rachio
    2. P/MV: Pump / Master Valve. Does not look like you have one
    3. COM: Zone common wire directly to C on Rachio

For now, I would first get the zones working and consider the rain sensor later. It seems to me that many end up not using the sensor.


So just so I’m on the same page. All the wiring basically from the first picture cap and ignore. Connect the common wire and zone wires and should be good to go?

Correct, that is where I would start.

Thank you so much for your help!