Wiring for an ancient richdell controller

That did it. Thanks!
Now I have to determine why my wiring isn’t compatible with this controller??

Woot! We’re looking into this issue.

Do you have before and after photos of the wiring? Usually the common wire or a sensor wire are the root cause of wiring headaches.

I’ve shared the pictures and been through troubleshooting with Meghan on the phone. No luck.

@jmitch9001 - no disrespect to Meghan, but post the pictures here and I bet @Gene or I will figure it out (now I just need to cash that check that I just wrote!).

  1. Is there a master valve in the system?
  2. Is there a rain sensor anywhere in the system (either in-line with the common wire or back to the controller)?
  3. Is there a pump start relay in the system?
  4. What happens when the bleed valve on a zone is manually opened? Does that zone water?
  5. What generation Rachio are we dealing with there Gen 1, Gen 2 or Gen 3.

I’m with @DLane on this one, it’s almost a game by now, who needs puzzles when we have weird irrigation setups?

Not knowing much of anything (pictures would help @jmitch9001), my first though would be to check if the valve(s) are rated for 24VAC (Valves come with two black wires), 12VDC (one red / one black wire) or 110VAC (Two red wires). Only 24VAC valves will work directly with Rachio, others can be converted.

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Sorry to hear @jmitch9001 – I found your photos. Posting here to get another set of eyes on them :slight_smile:

@DLane or @Gene – game on!

Ez, the green “Pump” wire is connected to Common instead of ‘M’ terminal. @jmitch9001 please move the Green wire from C terminal to M terminal and turn on Master Valve option within Rachio.

I have no doubts that @DLane would make a similar recommendation, I just got to the reply button first :wink:

For extra points, it would be curious to figure out the second white wire that used to be connected to Commons of the old controller. Wonder what it was connected to.

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@jmitch9001 - I concur with @Gene 's analysis. Told ya we’d nail it. Also, I think you got your money’s worth on the old controller as it looked like on the serial number it was manufactured in July, 1989. Welcome to the future of irrigation controllers.

@Gene, way to go to wait until I’m out a Home Depot picking up parts for a few projects to shoot and score. I think that other white wire went back to the control board for something.

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We do keep score (for the record) :wink:

@emil, then I’ll start complaining when I don’t receive the solution :white_check_mark: or that it is given to the OP responding to my answer that it works (of course it does!). Both of which have happened. Not that I’m that competitive - not! If I see a status of Gene is replying… I type faster to finish my post and maybe submit and go back and edit it with additional information to cross the finish line first :smiling_imp:.


That old controller.

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I’m :100:% with @DLane on this one. Confirming a valid guess should not count as a valid answer in itself. @DLane was first to guess that master valve was involved. Were the pictures available than, it would not be a guess. My guess about wrong voltage solenoids was wrong. Score is 1:0 in favor of @DLane, unless someone is willing to go back in history to total our friendly game.

:cheers: Gene

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@Gene - you’re a true sportsman :bowing_man:
. I was just going down the laundry list that I do every time a controller doesn’t work.


@Gene, call it 1:1 you found that Richdell 446pri manual on line:


@DLane, lol, I think google deserved that credit :wink: Thanks buddy, always a pleasure to bounce ideas back and forth with you. :beers:


Finally able to get back to this today. You were right on - simple fix! Thank you for being so proactive and helping me out!!

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