Wiring Assistance with Gen 2

Hi All! New to the community and needed help wiring up my new Gen 2. I just moved into this house 3 weeks ago so I’m not too familiar with the sprinkler setup but I do know that the sprinklers do work. I tried replacing the existing Intermatic timer with this new Gen 2 and once everything is connected, the app says the zones are running but no water is towing to the sprinklers. First time working with zones as my previous house only had one zone.

My setup:

  • Gen2
  • Indexing Valve
  • 2 zones (I only have 2 wires coming from valve)
  • City water (no pump)
  • Rain sensor

Any help would be appreciated!

You’re missing the common wire. Do you have a pic of the original controller? Normally each zone should have 2 wires. Of those 2 wires 1 will go to number 1 and the other to the C terminal. Same thing for zone 2, but common wires can be shared so most likely there is 1 common for both zone 1 and 2. I have a feeling one of those that you have going to the sensors is suppose to be your common wire.

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Thank you! I’ll try that and update :slight_smile:

@Carlos4927 - with an indexing valve there is only one solenoid. So move one of the yellow wires to the C terminal.

There are several posts where posters have replaced their indexing system with individual valves. Not too difficult to do.

Also, only use a Fixed schedule as a Flex Daily schedule will get out of sync with the zones and the indexing valve.

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