Wiring assistance please

Howdy y’alI! have an Rachio 3, 8 station controller. Looking for help on how to match my existing controller connections to the Rachio.

Here’s the existing controller connections: https://imgur.com/a/LqpvhQl


Looks like you have a master valve (small red wire far left in your dig.) in needs to go in the M slot on the Rachio 3. The white wire on your pic at the far right is the common and needs to go in the C slot on the your new control. The small colored wires under the numbers in your picture are the station wires and need to go in the corresponding numbers on the Rachio. Looks like you might also have a rain sensor as well? The yellow and brown are possible a rain sensor on your picture not sure about how those wires go into your new controller maybe someone else can commit on that.

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Also, just noticed that your station 6 and 7 are red and white don’t mix those up with the master valve and common wires.

@Don-in-tx - thanks for the picture. Like @gaustin set.

Some suggestions:

  1. Make a quick run of the current system to make sure every valve/zone fires before unhooking and moving to the Rachio Gen 3.

  2. Label all the wires - especially important as there are two red and two white wires (again like gaustin posted).

  3. I don’t know what type of schedule is being considered, but if one wants to run a Daily Flex schedule - start with just a couple of zones and the rest being on Fixed until the Flex parameters are dialed in.

The sensor wires would go to S1 and 24 VAC -, and enable the rain sensor under S1 in the app. One might want to check the proper operation of the rain sensor as they deteriorate with age. Not necessary with Rachio, but a belts and suspenders approach.

Welcome to the community and feel free to ask more questions.

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Thanks all. I really appreciate the help!

I do have a rain sensor, but I’m pretty sure it doesn’t work so I’m not gonna reconnect that.