Wiring 11 valves

I have a 16 zone system 11 of the valves are feeding the front of my house at the location of the valves. I have four bundles of wire at the control panel inside of my house. I have one bundle of wires that is for the front. how do I tie all these together to make 11 valve work?

Three full set of wires, and one set of a two wires

Did you disconnect it from the old controller? Hopefully took a picture or labeled?

I bought the house in a foreclosure looks like they installed all new valves and never connected them

Okay, no problem. It might take some trial and error. If you can see the colors at the opposite end, you might be able to figure it out. Worse case might be using a multimeter and/or figure one out and try another wire. I will wait to hear back before I give more details.