Wireless Valve?

While most of our irrigation valves are wired into a the central irrigation controller, we have a couple of standalone battery-powered valves connected directly to the spigots which have independent timers.

Is anyone aware of any wireless valves on the market that would integrate with a central controller (probably with some sort of bridge)? It would be great to get these independent systems looped into the central one, but pulling wire over there isn’t a good option at this point.

Hi @palousa, most standalone battery-powered valves had DC solenoids, but if you forward the make/model of the valves to us along with a photo we’d be happy to double check compatibility for you. Please email the info to support@rach.io and reference this conversation.

In regards to your question about wireless valves on the market that would integrate with a central controller, this is an awesome idea, but not currently available. I’m sure with the advances in technology, we’ll see this developed within the next few years. Until then, we’re stuck using wires.


You’d need to find a way to transmit, per the Owner’s manual:

Important Notice:Low power RF product operating in 869.700-870.000MHz band for indoor or outdoor home and commercial use

Hi @regenesis – awesome find :smiley: thanks for sharing! We’ll try to play around with this over the summer. If you find any others, please let us know.

Best, Emil


I’m looking for a wireless valve as well to integrate with the rachio controller. Is this possible yet?

Thank you,

Hi brennon — wireless valves are not supported short of finding some way to integrate Comm wiring and zone wiring into a separate transmitter that’d fire off the valves that have a radio receiver. You’d have to get creative :slight_smile:

How about a firmware rev to talk to the Orbit B-Hyve wireless valve?

Rachio could maybe even resell the Orbit B-hyve or even buy them rebranded “Rachio”

If still looking for such a solution, I put one together and is providing details in the thread below