Wireless valve controller

I am thinking of going with a Rachio 3 so I could get automatic schedule adjustment seasonally and based on weather. I have installed a PWS connected to Weather Underground as part of that goal.

One thing I would love to see happening, is a Wireless Sprinkler valve controller that would be compatible with the Rachio 3, for areas that are a pain to wire.

Something similar to the Hunter WVS below that could be attached next to a standard sprinkler valve to control it.

Any plans or hopes for something like that?

I did find a “home made” device that is exactly what people need and sold by a company called Aivaka (just Google Aivaka).
They manufacture a perfect solution to this problem, their site have a Product page and an FAQ page that answers most questions.

Their WB100 product basically creates a wireless connection between any Controller output (24VAC) and any 24VAC Sprinkler valve (or 6- 24VDC with their WB200)

Basically they have a transmitter that you connect into your controller valve output, and a receiver that you connect to your valve. The receiver is powered by a small solar panel and a rechargeable battery.

The only problem is that they know there is no solution out there that actually solves this problem, and so their price is ludicrous ($800…) :frowning:

@franz @rachiosupport you should look into developing a similar solution, this would increase the functionality of your system! :slight_smile:

One other possible source I need to investigate is Tucor’s Nexus Wireless Valve system, but I cant find much details about it.