Wireless to valves?

Hi, new community member here and I’m so poorly versed in irrigation systems that I’m not even sure how to search on my question.

I am at the tail end of a rebuild project, and the landscape guys are working on yard drainage/sprinklers for me so I’m researching which system(s) will automate operation.

I would like to install the Iro inside and use a wireless connection to a valve controller or valves designed for this type of communication. Is this possible?

If so, can someone guide me to a resource that will detail the terms and hardware necessary to understand this?

Thanks in advance,


I haven’t heard of wireless to the valves (and am not sure I would trust it even if they claimed it would work). Rain Bird and Hunter each have 2 wire systems, where you can run a bunch of valves off of just two wires, but these cost $80-$110 per valve, and are proprietary to their controllers. Such is the state of the irrigation industry :frowning:

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