Wireless Moisture Sensors

Is there any plan to support wireless moisture sensors? If so is the re a timeline on this feature?



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@Daragh At the moment, we don’t have a plan to support wireless moisture sensors. But, we’re always listening!

@Daragh I’d like to add some more context. We do have the platform to support a cloud-to-cloud moisture sensor integration (we already cloud-to-cloud integrate with Nest, IFTTT, etc.).

At this time, we feel there isn’t a cost effective, quality solution that would merit building out a tight integration.

As the sensor landscaping (no pun intended) is changing, we continue to re-evaluate.



Thanks Guys, makes sense, thanks for the update.

IFTTT isn’t very reliable and makes a poor alternative to direct integration. For one thing, triggers do not always work and even when they do they are often delayed. The most IFTTT could do is turn a zone or the system on or off. If it had direct moisture sensor integration then whatever zone or zones are deemed most important or sensitive could have one and the real moisture level could be integrated instead of estimated. Although the estimation formula you use is very sophisticated it is far from accurate. Even when you put in the correct soil type there are times where it will show the soil as wet based on conditions when the soil is dry. I have verified with mine, measure the water output of the system for each zone, done multiple tests for soil type, checked my soil type for my region which matched as well, verified weather data, and even installed my own weather station to get more direct readings and there are still times where it wrongly assumes my soil is still moist. Moisture sensor integration could help alleviate this and also reduce the complications of adjusting the parameters to get a fuzzy estimation of soil moisture. Overall making it simpler for the end user.

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This may be extreme…but Rachio should consider developing/marketing your own wireless moisture sensor. I’d be a buyer.


had Rachio any plan to integrate the Moisture Sensor like Spruce controller? At the moment I can’t find a solution to integrate one moisture sensor foreach zone. Only the Spruce controller have this.