Wireless Moisture and PH Sensors

Rachio should develop wireless moisture and PH level sensors. The sensors can be used to determine if the yard needs to be watered or not. You have have several sensors around the yard that talk to the Racho controller.

The other sensor is PH level sensor. This could help in determining if you need to add lime or sulpher. If your soil tests indicate too much acidity, then you would need to add lime to increase the alkalinity to reach your target pH. If your soil test indicates too much alkalinity, then you would add sulfur to increase soil acidity to reach your target pH.

Just some thoughts!

Thanks for this, we have a thread on this exact topic.

TL;DR - I love the idea, we have a great platform to incorporate this data, hopefully we will build this out next year.

I’d love to have a few more sensor options that are cost effective and provide quality data.


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Thanks Franz! I will look there :slight_smile:

Interesting idea @DavidGPope. Just curious, have you seen this offered on any existing sensors on the market? Seems like most of them are moisture only…