Wireless Master valve?

Does something like this exist?

Checking back in again. Anyone? Bueller?

I have not seen such a valve that integrates with an existing controller. Is that what you are looking for?


I have not seen such a valve, but could have missed something. Sorry

Yeah - even something that simply let’s me actuate remotely a 24v relay wirelessly would like fit the bill. In otherwords, a wired master valve controlled by a wireless relay. /shrug

I have searched a couple of times and gave up, running wire anyway. The closest I have found include:

  • Hunter WVC Wireless Sprinkler Valve System (they have their own hand controller if I remember correctly)
  • Bluetooth or Wi-Fi valves: maybe a project could be built with one of these
  • I have read that Tucor Inc makes a wireless valve for golf courses (sounds expensive) that may work with existing controllers, but do not think I actually found it

Maybe I should just be searching for a 24v wireless relay and use a std master valve with that.

It would be interesting to some, like me, to see what you come up with.