Wireless Flowmeter not seeing flow

Sprinkler company installed a two Gen 3 controllers and wireless flow sensors for me today. The systems are isolated so it’s essentially like two separate properties.

Each controller “sees” it’s flow meter showing good connection and excellent signal strength. However, the controller does not see flow. At the end of a calibration cycle, it comes back with a message that flow was not detected. I spent a couple hours on the phone with tech support with them logged into my system. They approved of the installation photo and saw nothing wrong in setup.

Anybody else had such a problem or have any ideas?

Can you post the picture?
Does it do that on all the zones?
Is there any chance the meters are paired with the wrong controllers? That would cause what you are seeing.

It happens on all zones. Shows 0 GPM during calibration at at the end indicates no flow detected. Verified sprinklers are on. I verified SN of flow meter to correct controller and also took batteries out of one to verify proper pairing.

Will the Gen 3 work with traditional wired pulse type flow meters? I have no need for the wireless…

@terrymcc -

  1. Check the flow direction and see that the Wireless Flow Meters were installed in the right orientation. There should be an arrow on the label showing which way the water should flow. Based on the above picture the arrow should point down.

  2. Yes, the Rachio Gen 3 works with SOME (check the support article for supported models -

) wired flow meters, but some functionality is lost - I believe.

Hmmm. Well, the statistical probably of 2 meters both being bad is pretty low. Assuming that you have tried the maximum calibration time (and then the max pressurization time) already, there is one other rare occurrence. There was someone on this forum who I went back and forth with where the flow was above the max. The flowmeter reads to about 23-25gpm. He was certain he was not above that until he looked at his house water meter and it showed 30-35gpm. He later found out that he had leaks which contributed to this high flow rate.

One other thing is that the pipe needs to be kept full and especially when meter is pointing down it relies completely on back pressure. This is normally not a problem in a sprinkler system, but is a factor to consider.

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Orientation is correct.

The problem with setting up the wired sensor is the support document says to pick the desired sensor input, open it up and pick “flow”. On mine, when I open it up, the only choice is “rain sensor”. There is no option for flow.



@terrymcc - The Gen 2 I have shows Flow Meter as an option under Sensor. The Gen 3 I have with a paired WFM has Flow Meter grayed out under the Accessories/Sensor option. Is the WFM still paired with the Rachio?