Wireless flow sensor with brass pipe

Anyone have any luck or experience adding the wireless flow sensor to a threaded brass pipe setup?

See attached photo. I know I’d need to add some length, but not sure how I’d fit the sensor on…

Well, to me it looks like you have galvanized pipe, not brass. But that doesn’t really change much in your situation, because your bigger issue is that you aren’t going to have the needed 6" of straight pipe to install the flow meter. How deep is that line buried? Is there a straight run underground that you could install a plastic valve box to house the flow meter?

Doesn’t have to loop in your situation, but here is an example of an underground installation…

I was hoping there was a way I could just add some lengths of pipe to create the necessary 6". Seems easier the digging a whole new box. Not sure what’s going on under ground but there’s not much room between the back flow and the sprinkler valves.

Also it seems like having the wireless sensor underground would vastly decrease its range?

@Arcadiadb - I second @tmcgahey’s call that you have galvanized pipe. Yes, installing the Wireless Flow meter underground does reduce it’s transmission range (mine is installed underground, but it is very close to my Rachio).

In this installation I would probably extend both pipes up vertically to get the distance needed. I think the recommendation is to change to PVC at a female connection. So, I’d place a threaded PVC to solvent piece at the elbow and on the union on the left pipe with the Wireless Flow Meter on that run. On the right side one can extend that pipe with either a longer galvanized pipe or transition to and from PVC also.

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Like @DLane said, you can certainly extend the length of the current assembly to get the needed length.

As stated, you always want a PVC to metal connection to have the PVC end be a male connection, so I’d recommend adding a coupling on the right side, or possibly another union to make the whole system removable if needed…

Then I would grab 4 of these push-on x male adapters, 1 for the 90 on the left, 1 for the union on the left, 1 for the bottom of the backflow, and one for the newly installed coupling or union on the right. Then a couple sections of pipe to mount the flow meter with a couple push on couplings and you’re set. Won’t be the prettiest thing, but it will work just fine…

Push on Male adapter @ Home Depot

Push on couplings

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Thanks for the advice! Super helpful.