Wireless flow meter

I would like to purchase the wireless flow meter and i have two issues. One i have a hose bib hooked to my main line will the valve shut off when i use it? Second i have a hand valve that i use to open and fill a pond. Will the valve shut off?

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Did you buy one?

Yes I bought 3. I’m rewiring my common wires to isure they meet requirements. I planning on setting up 3 controllers and three wfm in my configuration.

Looking if the the valve to shutoff or controller fault due to a “detected leak” type condition?

@jsore The flow meter checks for flow when the scheduled valve activates. Those are manually open, and will not activate electrically. If you had them open when a zone activated, the meter would probably detect an overflow on whichever zone was activated at the time.

As @Sprinklerman stated, that will not trigger the flow meter to shut off your system. You have the option of changing the hand valve to the pond for an electric valve and monitor your flow through that one.

At that point, you could have it turn on and off with the controller as well as monitor the flow. If there is a noticeable problem from there, then it can be sett to shut off.

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