Wireless Flow Meter Worked!

I awoke on Saturday morning to find an alert on my phone that a leak was detected in one of my zones. I ran the zone to find a geyser where one of the sprinkler heads had been. The flow meter worked as planned and I am really thankful for the product. I have one criticism however. The zone did not shut off as expected and still continued to run. Researching the issue online, I discovered that auto zone shutoff should automatically be enabled once a calibration is run (which I had previously performed). For some reason, auto shutoff was disabled. Though it wasn’t easy to find, I was able to change the setting. All in all, the product is well worth the cost. Thank you Rachio.


Awesome thanks for sharing!


When will the wireless flow meter will be available again?

I think they discontinue the product today

Yes, I got the notice email yesterday that they are discontinuing the flow meter. That was quite a shock. I installed mine about five months ago, and I’ve been very happy with it so far, partly for the relatively accurate measurements of water usage, but mostly because of its ability to report leaks and zone failures.

I don’t really understand the reasoning for the discontinuation, but I’m still very happy to have mine installed and working. My only worry is if it ever fails, and I need a replacment. I know there are wired units available, but it would be difficult for me to wire it across an asphalt driveway and to the Rachio controller. I also don’t know if a wired replacement could provide the same level of integration with the Rachio.

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Also worked well for me on several occasions this summer, usually when am emitter had popped off my drip line. Glad I bought mine when I did.

I have to agree with everything posted by @vicw. I too can’t understand why Rachio has made this decision as the WFM was “the” signature feature of the v3 controller, worked and I assume sold well as indicated by the fact that it has been sold out for awhile. The problem is that Rachio can’t put this genie back in the bottle. It’s core users and ambassadors have grown used to and depend on the WFM and the inability to service this feature by way of future product sales will only alienate their base. It feels like a gut punch and I must admit to being sorely disappointed.

I’m very unhappy about this. This is why I chose Rachio, the flowmeter was on back order then they canceled it. I can’t really use a wired flowmeter, the distance is too large. Is there any way to get a wireless flowmeter?