Wireless flow meter slip end design

With the wireless flow meter designed with slip to accept slip fitting it greatly inhibits some installation options IMO. A flow meter with threaded ends would greatly eliminate some install issues becasue Rachio recommends not glueing anything onto unit.

Example, I want to use PVC 1" unions with I can get in threaded and slip to fit, IF flow meter had threaded ends then I could simply buy 1" threaded unions and be on my way. This would also make it a lot easier to fit in place without having to move pipe into push fittings. My install is underground. I need flow unit to drop in place without moving pipes around. I would assume most underground instals need the unit to just drop in as the ability to push or pull buried pipe is most likely not an option.


@Bytored - the current underground installation instructions call for the Orbit Manifold unions, although with push on fittings everywhere else. I think for product SKU simplification Racho went with one design that could be used in all installs and guess on which install would be the most common (above ground) and designed for that (IMHO).

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“the current underground installation instructions call for the Orbit Manifold unions”

Ahhh. so they do…:grinning: Last time I looked those weren’t part of the instructions.
Thats pretty much how I am installing mine except for i’m loosing the two push to fits on the very ends and just using a PVC coupler gluing in place.

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When removal is necessary, in that situation, I like to use the expansion repair coupling. Orbit and other brands make them with the teeth on the Female side of the coupling while the male side plugs directly into the Orbit coupling.