Wireless flow meter not reading consistently

I have a well filling a pressurized tank which then pushes the water to my irrigation system. The pressure is very consistent but when I calibrate the zones for the flow meter, the readings half of the time come up zero. I was able to stop the calibration on each zone when the flow was reading properly so that I got an actual reading but now I am constantly getting low flow alerts. I was told by your staff that this is because the meter is too close to the controller. I don’t understand why that would make a difference but I’m not pleased with the answers I’m getting and the fact that I spent quite a bit of money on the meter and the extra parts to install it. Is there anything that can be done to get the meter functioning properly? If not, I would have to ask for a refund one way or another. Thank you.

The first thing to start is please post a picture of your install.

I question that Rachio told you that being too close to the controller is the problem. That doesn’t make any sense at all.
I also question how consistent the flow is on a pump system. The very nature of it pumping to a certain pressure and turning off and then turning on again when below a lower setpoint is generally going to mean a variable flow rate. You should be able to just increase your trip limit window if it allows you to go wide enough. If your flowmeter is installed properly and the flow is withing the limits of the meter, then the meter is simply telling you what your system is doing.


I installed the flow meter couple of weeks ago and not sure if it is calibration issue or something else, but the flow readings are incorrect. Also system is alerting either low or high flow detection while watering for some zones. I have 11 zones and 4-6 heads in each. I did a test today with quick run of 3 mins of each zone and measured the water usage thru utility installed water meter. Rachio flow meter readings were no way close. Per House meter reading


Data from Rachio shows .55 hours (3 mins each for 11 zones =33 mins) 4 Gallons total usage.

When I looked at the historical water usage from the Rachio online, download last year usage ( not sure how it was calculated when I was not having a Flow Meter) the Usage values seems to be more closer to actuals i.e average of 5-8 GPM.

Looking for some help in addressing this issue…

  • do i need to recalibrate
    -do i need to redo the setting