Wireless flow meter leaking

Hi there,

I have opened a ticket (779291) in regards to water leaking problem on my flow meter.
The water came out from battery room and I am not able to pair it with controller anymore.

Please let me know if there is any RMA process for it.
Thank you,


What happened in your case? All of a sudden my wireless flow meter sprung a major leak through the front plate and there was a huge amount of water lost. And unbelievably I got no alert or anything about it.

I am sorry for hearing that. Hope you will fix this soon.

I opened a ticket and got response from Rachio team. By RMA, they sent a new water meter to me and I sent my old water meter back. Unfortunately, I don’t chance to install the new one.

So what is the root cause of it? I still don’t know this happened.

At beginning I noticed my Rachio 3 lost it’s wireless connectivity to water meter. I thought that was firmware or battery issue. Then I noticed the water leak issue in battery room while resolving the connectivity issue.

They offered to replace the flow meter. But I have to send the old one back and I cannot figure out how to remove the Sharkbite fittings from the flow meter. These are the ones with the PVC on one end and CTS on the other. The disconnect sleeve butts right up against the lip of the flow meter so I cannot get the discoonect clip in there. Were you able to remove them? They cost almost $20 each so I cannot afford to buy a new set.