Wireless Flow Meter Install Problem

I finally got my wireless flow meter installed. However, when I try to add it to the app, it’s asking for a barcode or serial number? I can’t find either on the flow meter and I don’t have the box any longer (my plumber threw it out). How can I setup the meter?


The barcode is located inside the wireless flow meter (WFM). You will need to remove the battery cover on the WFM to access it.

I removed the battery cover and looked all over and still didn’t see anything. I pulled out the battery holder as well and looked at the back of the cover… nothing… :-(. I bought this flow meter as part of the pre-launch program for the Rachio3… I only just installed the Rachio3 and the flow meter this season.

It would be a tag within the battery compartment that should be covering the batteries.

@franz, @laura.bauman, @Gene, or any other Power Users, thoughts??

Here’s an image I found on the web that shows the barcode: (I didn’t want to open mine) :wink:

These are permanently attached to the meter by heatstaking, so it’s strange that it is missing.

Here are the pics from my WFM… I don’t have a sticker…

Wow, it sure is missing. :open_mouth:

Hopefully @franz can have his Rachio tech experts help you with this problem. :+1:

My serial was included within the battery compartment as a semi loose sticker with a waxy glue protection paper still attached. I’m sorry to see that yours is missing. This seems to be a case for @rachiosupport.

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Dang that’s no good. Please reach out to https://support.rachio.com. They will get you setup.

Thank you for your patience and have a great day.


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Hi Franz, I did… I have a case open but no one is responding to it… I just checked the app but I can’t seem to find a ticket number to give you…

Hi! I still haven’t heard from support…

@franz Hi Franz, can you poke support for me? They still haven’t responded to my case.



Please note the issue that @njaiswal is having with his wireless flow meter. It was first reported 10 days ago to @franz and he has an open support case as well.

Thank you.