Wireless Flow Meter Gen2 Compatible?

Will the wireless Flow Meter be compatible with the Gen2 hardware or only Gen3?

Hey @CH-Johnson,

The Wireless Flow Meter is only compatible with the Rachio 3! Thanks for checking :slight_smile:

Lo :rachio:


I had a feeling it would be a deliberate marketing move to make us Gen2 users want to update. We all know that it could’ve been compatible, but we know how it goes.

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So what was the point of a gen2… an extra rain sensor and some buttons? Definitely not getting the value out Rachio’s at this point.

Ok, that sucks! I just bought my Gen2 and your latest (pretty big) value add option isn’t compatible?

This is why people get pissed…bad business.

I suggest you provide a rebate or trade in program for your customers to upgrade…

There was a discount for a while on the Gen3 for current owners, but it wasn’t substantial enough for me and I think it already expired.