Wireless Flow Meter Gen2 Compatible?


Will the wireless Flow Meter be compatible with the Gen2 hardware or only Gen3?


Hey @CH-Johnson,

The Wireless Flow Meter is only compatible with the Rachio 3! Thanks for checking :slight_smile:

Lo :rachio:


I had a feeling it would be a deliberate marketing move to make us Gen2 users want to update. We all know that it could’ve been compatible, but we know how it goes.


So what was the point of a gen2… an extra rain sensor and some buttons? Definitely not getting the value out Rachio’s at this point.


Ok, that sucks! I just bought my Gen2 and your latest (pretty big) value add option isn’t compatible?

This is why people get pissed…bad business.

I suggest you provide a rebate or trade in program for your customers to upgrade…


There was a discount for a while on the Gen3 for current owners, but it wasn’t substantial enough for me and I think it already expired.