Wireless Flow Meter data

Will the flow meter data be available via the API? I don’t see any mention of it in the current API docs.

@FlyingDiver What type of information would you find interesting? On device completed/stopped events we provide estimated or actual usage for zones.


Is it in the current zone data returned? Using the existing API polling method?

I’m investigating for a user request for an update to the plugin (driver) for the Indigo Home Automation system. The current plugin doesn’t handle that data.

If the data is already provided by the API I just need the user to provide a sample data set so I can update the plugin. Unless you have a sample JSON set I can use.

API polling is not recommended. Is there any way to use the webhooks we provide? The events coming from that have the estimated or actual usage.


OK, I understand. The plugin currently doesn’t do Webhooks, but it’s possible to implement them. I will look into doing so.

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