Wireless flow issue - Low flow detected

I have a R3 controller. All has worked fine for 2 months. Now on the last two scheduled cycles, I am getting low flow alerts when each zone either runs or finishes running.

I manually ran a few zones to confirm that water was flowing. The zones appear to run fine yet I still get the low flow alert. Before I recalibrate, I wanted to make sure there wasn’t anything else to look for.


I have seen that warning with some of my systems. They have usually resulted from a valve that failed to open such as a station valve or master valve. I would check the wiring for secure connections and check the Ohm reading on the individual coils.

I did have one other instance where a gopher bit into a wire causing the wire to only have a slight amount of copper left in it. The affected station would only work after previous stations had irrigated and cause the ground to get wet where the damaged wire was.

This may or may not be true with your problem.

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@franz, @emil
I just had this problem occur after i ran a successful calibration and the controllers starting their normal start times. I have three WFM’s and three master valves. I suspect the master valves. All three are acting this way. I did install bypass valves so that i may bypass the WFM’s. Any help from anyone would be appreciated.
Went out and ran several zones using quick run and watering took place.