Wireless flow connection to Rachio3

Which protocol is used to connect wireless flow sensor to Rachio3? I am trying to see if it can be connected directly to some other home automation system such as SmartThings hub or not.

@spatel3220 - from the Flow page on Rachio’s website (https://www.rachio.com/wireless-flow-meter)


Data Transmission:
LoRa® wireless network

It transmits in the 900 MHz band. So NOT Bluetooth or BLE or WiFi.

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Thank you @DLane for quick response. So no OTA for this flow meter in future. I guess all the sensor does is push the data to Rachio3, so less possibility of error and need to update the flow sensor.

False! The Rachio Wireless Flow meter absolutely has the capability of OTA updates! The flow meter receives updates through it’s connection to the R3 controller.

@mitchell, I think the OP was looking to read the data directly from the flow meter over the air to interface into a home automation system. Not having the firmware updated by Rachio over the air.