Wired Rain Sensor Goes Nuts


I have been a happy Rachio customer in two homes and two states now! I recently installed a Gen 2 16(?) Zone controller. The setup it replaced in my home included a wired Rain Sensor. When I activated the sensor after wiring up, I got constant notifications of sensor on, sensor off.

I have since deactivated it, however don’t feel that even using my PWS as a replacement is acceptable as a solution. It should just work. I have cleaned the sensor and know it works as it did with the setup this home came with.

Please advise.

Can you take a picture of how you have it wired up? From what you are describing, it sounds like you may have a loose wire somewhere.

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You could even do a tug test to check if the wires are secure in the terminals! If you already cleaned it, I agree with @Gene, it sounds like a wiring issue.