Wired Flow Sensor for gen 2 rachio


I’ve had a rachio 2 running my home’s irrigation system. I suspect that my irrigation system may have a leak. I know the new gen 3 rachio has an option for a wireless flow sensor but unfortunately, my rachio controller is just a bit too far away from where the water feeds my irrigation system for the wireless fo meter to work. However, I could, with some difficulty, run a wire between the 2 locations.

I’ve found very little documentation on how a wired flow sensor works with the gen 2 rachio. Will adding a sensor allow my gen 2 rachio to determine if there is a leak in one of my zones? Is there a way to view the flow in the rachio app so I could manually compare it to the rated output of the sprinkler heads so I could see what is happening? Any information on this or on which is the best sensor to purchase would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance for the help