Wired Flow Meter

Has anyone had success with a wired flow meter? I need a wired flow meter option to offer my customers since the Rachio has abandoned it’s wireless product.

Rachio has a list of compatible wired flow meters:

has anyone been able to find any of the compatible wired flow meters for sale at a reasonable price ($100-ish)

I’ve been wondering if Rachio plans on pairing with Flume, the Wifi water meter reader. Seems like a great product and I believe Flume is compatible with Orbit’s BHyve system. I’m strongly considering buying one and would love to have Rachio use the information from it seamlessly.


@Shane and @garyo,

Several others have mentioned the Everydrop Technologies flowmeter which can be purchased on Amazon.

Will Rachio shut off zone if flow is too high using a wired sensor?

How is B Hyve? Reviews on Amazon not good. I don’t understand why Rachio doesn’t integrate with Flume. Flume is great and would be a simple win-win solution for both. I’m been asking that since they discontinued the wireless sensor.

Hunter makes one also, looking at Hyrawise but reviews not good. Using Flume so I can see when there’s a problem, not easy to match with the zone, need to use time stamp.

The reason you can’t use Flume is that it connects to your water meter, which is giving you water usage for your whole house. The Rachio needs to know how much water is running through your sprinkler system, so it would only work if the only thing on your meter was your sprinklers.