Wire multiple valves to one zone in serial or parallel

When wiring multiple (3) valves to a single zone, should I wire the 3 valves in serial or parallel?

Thank you!

Any valve should be ran parallel. In series, it would cut the available power and may not open the valves properly. If you have a master valve or pump, that might be too much power draw for the system.

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Thank you. This is a big help.

What would happen if there is too much power draw? Blow the fuse?

Possibly, or just not operate the valves correctly.

I ask because I had 2 valves wired, plus the main valve plus I put on water hammer. It got to the overloaded zone and shut down. Now all of the zones associated with that common wire (6 of the 16) are giving a ‘fault - open line’ reading while the others are fine. Trying to tap down what the issue is… controller? Solenoids blew? Common wire fried?

I just replied to your other post.

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