Wire 2 zones together to accommodate 17 zones?

I have 17 zones. Since the Rachio tops out at 16 zones currently, would it be possible for me to wire 2 zones together so that they essentially function as one? (assuming sufficient water pressure). If so, this would allow me to control all zones with just the one 16-zone unit? Are there any constraints around electric current draw and capacity?

@mkm123 - That will work as the Rachio can power 3 solenoids at one time (e.g. master valve and two zones). Is the reduce water hammer option set? If the reduce water hammer option is on AND there is a master valve or a pump start relay in the system that could mean there would be four solenoids powered at one time - would just have to see if that causes a problem or not.

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Thank you.
How can I tell if I have a master valve or not? (Sorry if this is a basic question.) I currently have a Hunter system.

@mkm123 - A master valve or pump start relay is typically connected to terminal labeled MV. If you attach a photo of the current Hunter wiring I’m sure that someone in the community will chime in on the presence of a master valve or not - based on the wiring. A master valve is used to turn off water pressure to the irrigation system when it is not running to eliminate wasted water from a pipe break or leaky valve.

I had the same setup. I simply wired 2 flower bed zones (low flow misting zones) together. no problem.

@mkm123 Thanks for reaching out and great question!

@DLane is correct. You can certainly tie in one other zone with an existing one. The only thing we want to point out, for your convenience, is try to choose two zones that have similar attributes and watering needs. That is to say, they are the same vegetation type (cool season grass, shrub, etc) and preferably in similar areas that share the same amount of sunlight, slope, etc.

This will allow your Rachio to water those two zones without having to water a dissimilar zone more often than it needs because the second zone has a bigger need (shorter root depth, more run off, etc). Hopefully that makes sense! Reach out to us on our support site if you need more assistance :slight_smile:

Thank you everyone for your inputs. I’ve been a little occupied with work and family matters, will review and get back shortly.