Winterizing Wireless Flow Meter

I live in the northeast and this will be my first winter with the WFM. In light of the HandyDadTV video, I am seeking advice on the best way to winterize and protect the WFM. At first I thought about retrofitting a spigot sock or foam housing to wrap around the WFM but now may just get a vacuum breaker cover/sock as seen here. Any thoughts? I am interested to know the experiences of any others with a WFM that survived a snowy/cold winter.

Didn’t have any issues with mine. Gets around 10 degrees at its coldest here and mine hasn’t had any issues. All I did was blow it out as I blew out the zones. Fired right up this spring. Got the normal fake rock and insulator wrap.

I didn’t do anything to mine and it survived the first winter last year in Virginia. I don’t know how many more it will survive though. If we should something to protect it from cold, I would also like to hear from Rachio :slight_smile:

As long as you complete a successful system blowout, the WFM will be safe. :slight_smile: We recommend having a Pro do your winterization and blowout to ensure it’s done right and doesn’t damage any part of your system.


Always safer to drain the system and wrap exposed pipied