Winterizing Rachio 2

I have a Rachio 2 mounted outside in a Rachio Outdoor Enclosure. I am going to be winterizing my sprinkler system in the next few weeks (blow out system and shut down outside water), and wondering if I need to take the unit inside for the winter, or since it’s in the enclosure, can I just put it in Standby mode?

We put ours in standby mode and then take it indoors for the winter. In the spring, it’s easy to hang it outside (in an enclosure) and it reconnects flawlessly. Belt and suspenders? Maybe, but it’s quick and easy and I know it will be fine when the temps outdoors are in the 20s.


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I like the suggestion of taking it inside.

Standby mode is great since you will still get firmware updates :wink:


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Is there a temperature minimum where removal is recommended?
While we live in So. California, due to our micro climate we get down as low s 14°f (no kidding overnight) even if it is 60-70 in the day time…

@franz, stupid question. If it’s inside on standby mode with no power (and hence no wifi connection), how would it get firmware upgrades? Won’t they all just download when you power it back up again?

If the controller does not have WiFi connection it will not receive any firmware upgrades.

If it is in standby mode (and still connected to WiFi) it will continue to receive firmware upgrades.


Would you then recommend leaving the controller plugged in to receive firmware updates during the winter while in standby mode OR if unplugged does the controller catch-up on firmware updates when plugged back in again in the spring?


The environmentalist in me wants to say to unplug any used hardware devices, the technologist in me wants you to leave it connected so we know the health and that is is running the latest software. :wink:

You should be fine either way.

We did have a firmware issue regarding time synchronization that has been rolled out to every controller that is currently online. If there are controllers that haven’t been online for quite some time (6 months?) they might have to remove and re-activate the controller. This will be a very, very small number of our overall controller footprint.

Hope this helps.



It actually seems unnecessarily complicated to bring it inside for the winter. Looking at the unit, I have to disconnect 7 wires, take out a couple of screws, and then unplug the unit. Seems like this creates a great opportunity to lose parts, create a short, and generally create a lot of work in both the fall and then reinstalling everything in the spring. The old mechanical controllers could sit outside all winter in their enclosure with no problems. I bought the Rachio outside enclosure thinking it would provide adequate protection against the elements. Is it really necessary to bring it inside if in the enclosure?

Reviving this thread as I am getting ready to winterize the system. There seems to be conflicting info on whether or not the unit (Gen2) needs to be disconnected from the outdoor enclosure and brought inside for the winter or not. I live in the mountains in Utah and often have temps below 0F. I remember -20F one morning last winter. Rare but it happens.

It’s not hard work to disconnect the system but connectors can be finicky with wires being pushed in and pulled out over and over. Given the temperatures here what is the recommendation?

I decided last year to just put it in Standby mode and leave it in the enclosure. I live in Aurora, CO where temps do drop below zero during the winter. The Rachio was fine when starting it back up this spring. I’m going to do the same this year – it’s not worth messing with disconnecting and reconnecting wires.

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I have installed my Rachio Gen 2 in my shed.
Temperature here in Montreal, QC, Canada, can drop in mid-january to -30 Celsius (°C) (or -30 Fahrenheit (°F)).
Can I just unplug the power ? I will slowly wake it up in april.
I’m worry for the electronic parts.


You can unplug the power and none of your information will be lost. If you are worried about the cold temperatures maybe bringing it inside by just detaching the existing wires?