Winterizing and WFM

I just had my sprinkler guy out for blowing out the lines to winterize. As we ran the zones with air I received a Low-Flow Detected email and app notification for each zone. I also found it a little harder than expected to run the zones for a manual 2 minute then 1 minute cycle each. It seems to me that Rachio could add a Winterizing mode that lets you easily cycle through the zones and mutes any WFM related warnings.

I mean, I am winterizing, I know that there is no water flowing while the zone is running! Duh, Rachio!

Good call out @kc_cw! Standby mode should help this too :slight_smile:

I just watched the video on this page:

That suggested switching to Standby mode first, then in Standby use the manual mode. Is that my problem? I didn’t switch to standby until the end. If I was in standby during the manual zone cycles, would it be smarted and not give me the low flow notices and emails?

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Correct! That should have kept those notifications from coming through.