Winterization recommendations

Hello! This is my first Colorado winter with a rachio irrigation system and I have no clue how to winterize this system. Any tips for a first timer?

We have similar weather to Colorado (depending on where). The city shut off pressurized irrigation (PI) a couple of weeks ago. They suggest shutting the valve just after the water meter, which I have done. I also clean out the filter I have on the PI (the water seems to get worse toward the end of the season). I partially drain my water feature. When I put the sprinkler system, I put in an excess number of king drains. So, sometimes I blow out the pipes with compressed air (never seem to get much) and other times I do not (I do not think that much water sits in the pipes and have not had a problem yet). Finally, I put Rachio in standby mode. Not related to the sprinkler system, I disconnect the hoses connected to the house, remove any spray heads, and wind the hose in the in direction until no water comes out. I also have 1/2 of my spigots with ball valves inside that gets shut off and drained (just in case). If you have any Rachio smart hose valves, I take them inside.


Thank you!