"winter" mode? How do I make sure everything stays off this winter?

I’m shutting off the sprinklers for the winter and I’m wondering if there is a specific process I should follow?

I put the Rachio into device standby mode. Is that what its for? Should I unplug it? A little guidance would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

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Yes, standby mode is all you need

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Standby mode works great, or you can always unplug the device. All of your device data is backed up in our cloud, so when you plug it back in data will re-synchronize and it will be like it was never unplugged.



When you plug it back in do you have to blink the wireless back in or did the unit save that?

There is no need to re-blinkup unless your wireless router changes.

Have a good winter!


Is the rachio aware or take into account freeze conditions? I have not yet turned off sprinklers, not sure when the real cold will start.

@Professordave, yes it is. If you have Weather Intelligence enabled, it will skip your schedule anytime the temperature is below 32 degrees.

Just curious, are you using Fixed or Flex schedules?

All flex!

@Professordave, thanks for confirming. Flex schedules have WI (Weather Intelligence) built into them and should skip if the forecasted temperature is below freezing at the time the Iro performs a weather check (roughly 1 hour before the scheduled watering time).

Hope this helps :smile:

Best, Emil

I just discovered this earlier today… it was an interesting surprise… :smile:

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I would prefer to put in standby mode. It’s unplugged now.

How do I do it after I plug it back in!!??>

Hi @scottb8888, just replied to your other post with instructions on how to do this :smile:

Let us know if you run into any problems.

Best, Emil

Is “unplug” still the best advise? I like to save the Watts for the next 6 months in Winterization. (owning a R3)

That will work!


How do you put it into Standby mode?

Never mind. Found it. :slight_smile: