So, Home Depot are making a push into the home automation market in conjunction with quirky, there’s a deal on for their home hub, and various components; buy two components and get the hub for $1, apparently (so says google)

The only reason I know this is that their product listing for the Iro mentions it right at the bottom; I was intrigued, so looked it up.

I suspect that the displays and so on in store are probably pushing the Iro along with the Wink app (though not in my local Home Depot, as I got the last one on the shelf :slight_smile: ).

Word of recommendation here - stick with the Rachio app to setup and run the sprinklers, unless you have a pressing need to automate them to run on an event or trigger.

It’s not just that the Wink app crashed on me 3 times in as many minutes. No, what I particularly liked was it crashing on my pressing ‘start’, and it only actually starting to spray after I restarted the wink app. At which point the wink app thought it was stopped, and didn’t have any option to stop spraying…

Fortunately it crashed again at this point and I was able to hit start and stop again before it crashed a third time.

It’ll probably be worth it in the long run; I can see someone bringing out a sensor that’s compatible, and triggering a sprinkler run when the soil is dry would be excellent, as would a number of other options (there’s a sensor that detects motion - “run sprinklers for 1 minute when neighbors cat is detected on the lawn” appeals greatly). But right now, it’s a little too flaky.


@jimmyjimjim‌ and @jeremyshultz‌ Thanks for the info. We’ll look into this.

Judging from the new history feature, it may actually crashed the Iro; I’m showing ‘power cycle’ around that time. I’m showing 5 or 6 power cycles since the 4th, and I’ve not unplugged it since first powering it up. Is this a genuine power related message or an ‘it rebooted message’? This potentially also occurred around the same time I was having issues with the stop/start on the zones previously.

One of the main reasons that I bought the Wink Hub was the listed support for Iro compatibility. Not so much. When I follow the Wink’s linking advice for it, I am directed to a Rachio page that says that either I’m not allowed to view the secure data, or that the page no longer exists. I like the native app, but also wanted support within the hub. It’s very disappointing that this supposed capability doesn’t exist in reality.

It may not matter now, it appears that my Rachio account no longer exists. I used it last night to water my yard (manually, of course), and it worked fine. Once I was done, I started working on the Wink Hub installation. now, my Racio app says “Bad credentials” when I bring it up (the native app) on my iPhone. When I request a password reset, it tells me that the user account no longer exists. Maybe I’m being punished for trying to link to Wink? :slight_smile:

Strike that, now it works (After 7 failed login attempts). shaking my head

@DRN‌ Sorry to hear about your frustration. Is everything up and running now?