Wink + Rachio app bug?

Wink app crashes after Rachio added to their system. Using iphone 6 and 6s 9.1 ios, latest version of both apps. still not working. Anyone having the same issue? Please help. Already called wink and they have no solution as of this time. Thanks

Wish I could help, but we don’t have control of their software. I’ll see if we can replicate that behavior.

Seems odd the Wink team wouldn’t resolve this :wink:


@patoko878, does the Wink app crash when you attempt to run a zone or robot within the Wink app? If you remove the Iro from Wink, does it resolve the issue? I’ll reach out to my contacts at Wink and see if we can find someone that can help.

Best, Emil

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The wink app crashes as soon as I open the sprinkler icon on wink app. When I remove the Iro from the wink app, there is no issue using the wink app.

I can post a video of it happening if that helps. please let me know.

@patoko878, if you don’t mind, that would be helpful in forwarding the issue to Wink to review.

Hi, Here is a youtube link of the issue I’m having.

I just installed the gen 2 controller with my Wink 2. The Rachio app works fine, the wink app recognizes the Rachio but it shows “inactive” and won’t allow any access to the controller. Rachio said it was a problem for Wink but Wink customer service isn’t responding. Anyone have a similar issue?