Windows software to export wunderground data to pwsweather

I know there is mac software called weathersnoop.
Anything for windows? My pws is on wunderground… Want to get the data to iro… I have a windows desktop that runs 247 for media center anyway.

@Ashishnarang, we haven’t stumbled across a similar integration for PC computers yet, but will do some digging to see if anything new is available. Just curious, what type of PWS do you have?

Thanks, Emil

Acurite 5 in 1
It is connected to an always on windows 7 pc via usb and transmits to wunderground via their new software

hi, i am running the windows app: “kevin’s acu-link bridge reader”
and get strange errors. see attached. please help!

Hey Guys - New to the community as I installed my sprinkler controller yesterday.

Anyway - I’ve been browsing the community for interesting information and came upon this thread and thought I could contribute.

I’ve had my weather station up for a few years. It’s a Davis VUE.

I use Sandaysoft Cumulus software to track and upload my data to both WeatherUnderground and PWS.

Check it out at

It’s free and it works great.

I do not have any association with the software or the company, but I’ve been using it for years and it is reliable and cheap (free)

You can see my station at

Hope this helps


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Awesome thanks for this! Hopefully this helps some new users out :wink:


Sandaysoft Cumulus software does not work with acurite

So how do I connect my Rachio to Weather Underground?