Windows Issue?


I’m running IE11 at work and the web app is not functioning correctly. It says something about a script running, yadda yadda yadda. I use Safari at home with no problems and the web app functioned fine before the update.

Rachio No Longer Works with Internet Explorer

Hi @Modawg2k
Thanks for the feedback, I’ll check it out :slight_smile:

Dan :rachio:


Having the same issue just hooked up 16 zone works good form iOS App on iPad and Safari on my Mac Mini but doesn’t seem to work on any windows browser laptops or windows 10 phone.

Thanks Jim


@Dan Did we make any progress on this?



@franz Not yet. I’ll review in the morning and see if I can diagnose any issues…

Dan :rachio:


@Modawg2k & @panagioj,
Yep, there’s definitely an issue in IE. We’ll prioritize and let you know when a fix is out. apologizes for the inconvenience…

Thanks again,
Dan :rachio:


Hey guys, just released a patch for this. Let me know if you’re seeing any issues. Rachio No Longer Works with Internet Explorer

Dan :rachio:


Much better performance. Thank you. Bill