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Has there been any discussion about creating a Windows-based app? If so, what decision was made?


@jeremyshultz‌ There has, however, right now we use certain sdks required to connect the device that are only supported on iOS an Android. If that changes, we will pursue a native Windows app.

@jeremyshultz‌ Just curious. Why a Windows app as opposed to the browser interface?

That’s fine - I’m not quite sure myself haha seems like others do that type of thing to provide a “touchable” type display. For instance the difference between the regular IE and the IE app.

We will make our controller usable through the web for sure. However, the Iro on boarding needs to use specific device level APIs to connect it to your WiFi. Right now we don’t have the ability to do that on a Windows phone. Hopefully in future we will.

Oh, yeah. Windows phones. Forgot about those.

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I made a similar request. I would like to see a Windows UWP. Accessing the website on my Surface using the browser is not user friendly and then requiring Chrome specifically makes it worse. I even mentioned of ways they can more easily port or create a universal app. It is really sad that with 300 million and growing Windows 10 devices that no consideration has been given to creating an app, particularly considering you would get a consistent experience instead of having to tell users their non touch friendly website is broken and now they must install a new browser to accommodate.

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This should have changed with Windows 10 and UWP. I hope you guys have reevaluated.


Rachio really shouldn’t claim you can control the watering system from “any device” since there isn’t a Windows interface for my Surface Pro.

I suspect the difficulty of a Windows app is due to the fact that the Iro 2 is not an Internet appliance. I.e., it doesn’t support having its own local LAN Internet address / doesn’t have Internet server capability. The only way to ‘talk’ to it is via ‘central command’ in the cloud.

I have LAN connected HVAC (Ethernet) and natural gas water heater (WiFi) thermostats, all not unlike a sprinkler water ‘thermostats’ - turn something on/off based on a computer algorithm. A sprinkler controller you would think is not a lot different.

What’s common to these examples is algorithm ‘crunching’ is done locally, within the LAN connected unit. OTOH, Iro2 is simply executing actions given to it by ‘central command’ (in the cloud). This makes sense because for 16 or 32 zones, it’s a lot of number crunching to keep track of all of the ET variables.

In summary it makes sense to me that it’s difficult to have a Windows app for the Iro 2. There’s a lot of processing required for the Iro2 that’s a lot easier to do in a cloud server versus locally.

The Gen2 controller is now a brick with wires. It was installed via Windows Edge and ran fine and could adjust zones – even with a Windows 10 phone even after the latest software update.

Had to reset home Wi-Fi TP 1750 dual band and that was the kiss of death. Tried resetting the Rachio Brick Wi-Fi as per instructions. Got the second blinking light. The Rachio showed on the network… and no go.
Tried to reset the controller to factory. No go. Tried to access with a HD Fire. Dud.

No Windows app? Huh? This is a long term issue that has not be resolved.

And borrow an Android or Apple toy to get the controller up and running? What is this? The dark ages.

What then, have to use a neighbor’s phone to run my toy, change settings etc.?

Tried an Android emulator or two – why, it’s about the last option. No go. Great for playing games, that’s it.

One more day of manual watering then the good old clock/timer is going back to work (key word – WORK) and the brick is going on eBay. Let someone else waste time with it. The old rain kill-switch worked just fine! No need for a weather station.

Hey @LawnJockey-

I am sorry, I am a bit confused. We have never supported a Windows app. How did the update change your situation with your Windows device? Can you run the web app on your windows phone, or is this potentially the issue you are describing?

Also, in the interest of transparency, we do not currently have plans to support a Windows app. If this is a dealbreaker for you, I would absolutely be willing to work with you to buy your controller back. and find something that better fits your needs. I will say that I do not know of a smart controller that has a Windows app, but I will do some researching.

Let me know how you would like to proceed.

McKynzee :rachio:

One last shot with a borrowed phone. And does a user have to borrow a phone when it used to be possible to merely log onto your site and run things from there?

Really need to emphasize that this system is only for Android and Apple.

Tried to reinstall with a borrowed iPhone. No go.

What do you require to return this unit and it’s outdoor case?

@LawnJockey thanks for the tip. We currently document this requirement on the product packaging, installation guide, and numerous help documentation articles. We’ll review all of the above to see if/how we can make this requirement more clear.

Please DM me or email me at if you wish to return the controller.