Windows App won't let me Rachio

Trying to use my Windows app but it tells me that I need to update my account by logging in on my phone. Do so, same result. Can’t control Rachio on my laptop anymore. What do I need to do?

Hi @hdsteele!
You’ll need to download/update one of our native apps (Android: / iOS:, log in there, and then you can use the system normally.

Don’t understand. I already have the latest Rachio app on my iphone. How does that affect my use on my Windows laptop? I tried logging out an back in on the iPhone but nothing on laptop changed. Need to control the system from my PC.

Well that would be a bad thing as far as I am concerned. Hope it isn’t true. Thanks for the info though.

Yes, going just sits forever saying:
Synchronizing user data…

I don’t even get that far. Try to log in, nothing. Tells me to go to my mobile device and update. But… I am updated. Maybe I will try uninstall and then reinstall…

OK, that worked. Uninstalled app from iPhone and then reinstalled. Both iPhone and Windows laptop work again. Gues it wasn’t an “update” but a new version. Had to get rid of the old one first. Odd no one at Rachio knew?!?!