Wind skipped drip watering?

It seems that drip schedules shouldn’t be skipped during wind events, right?

I understand that Wind Skip skips the whole schedule, but it would seem smart to not skip drip. (I see the beginning of a tongue twister)

I see the solution being to create an independent drip schedule without Wind Skip.

Tried to see Wind Skip FAQ, but the link fails:

I agree wind skip on drip doesn’t make a lot of sense :wink:

Creating a new schedule and disabling wind skip is the best option.

Here is the correct link for wind skip faq.



In southern California with Santa Ana winds outside now, I came back to this forum to find wisdom on how to manage a drip system.

I’m setting the wind to trigger at 40mph+. Our concern, shared by someone who posted here in 2016, is that if water is skipped for several days due to wind, that plants will be injured.

Recognizing this pattern, I’m planning to write some scripting that will force a water event, or disable the wind skip to ensure a minimum amount of water over some number of days.

If this already exists, a link would be welcome. If not, any chance for related gen3 enhancements?


You can remove the wind related events on a program if you set all of your drip on that program as @franz mentioned.

Simply select the program you want to modify. Scroll down to “Weather Intelligence” and select it. Look for the Wind Skip feature and uncheck the box. Your drip will no longer be shut down because of wind.

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Thanks very much for this. I was confused since the main rain skip is in the controller settings but it’s very common to have both sprinklers and drip on the same controller or even schedule.

The solution isn’t ideal but it works!