Wind Skip with no wind

I’ve been getting wind skip notifications for the past couple of days and there is no wind outside.
Wind skip is set to 20 mph.
I’ve tried switching weather stations and it still skipped this morning.
I checked the data on the weather stations and they both have a top speed of 3 mph.
Any ideas??

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I had the engineering team review and the station used for wind reporting looks like the data is incorrect. We looked at the forecasted data and the average wind speed is always over 20MPH. That’s the problem with some of these PWS is that they will sometimes report erroneous wind or precipitation data. It looks like you have chosen a new PWS. I’d wait to see the results with that. We did look into the skip software and it appears to be working correctly with the station data at the different skip times (12 and 1 hours).


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Thanks for the quick reply! I’ll see if the new weather station is giving the same problem - if so, I’ll use a non-PWS weather station and hopefully that will work.

Thank you.

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