Wind Skip - what do you set yours to?

Wind Skip questions…

  1. I intend to use my PWS. Considering it reads wind speed low, I’m not worried about “falsely” high speeds.
  2. I saw mention in other threads about wind speed “forecasts” and how they can be “false” for a PWS. My PWS doesn’t do forecasts obviously just current observations so I’m assuming that was wrong? Does the Wind Skip logic only look at what my PWS is reporting or does it use actual weather forecasts from other sources too?
  3. I have an odd day only allowed schedule so I really want to avoid skips that can get me behind on watering unless it really would be a waste, what is a good “safe” compromise number to pick to avoid too many skips vs. wasted water? The default 20?


I set up mine at 10 MPH.

Currently we are using forecasted hourly data. PWS do not broadcast forecasts which are derived from weather services that take many factors like radar, satellite, stations, secret sauce, etc.

We use forecasted hourly data for our 12 and one hour weather intelligence skip checks. If we did start using forecasted hourly data for 12 hour checks, and PWS data for current condition checks (one hour) I believe you would have a system that is using two different sources of truth which would ultimately lead to more confusion. I’m still having the team review our options.

Since this feature is “new” we haven’t had time to do data analysis on the results/performance. I’d try 20MPH and see if you get good results. The one drawback of this skip is that you don’t get the schedule back after it is skipped :wink:, but in some cases your water would be sprayed all over the sidewalk and driveway so it might be a moot point.


franz… but obviously if my flex daily schedule IS skipped, the lack of water will be reflected in the soil moisture calculation and the next watering will be longer etc. so it will be corrected in time, you just have to wait… right?

Yes that is true! Flex Daily will compensate correctly, the other schedule types will just get skipped.


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I’ve got controllers in my area set to 20mph now.

I’ve got customer schedules like yours with limited days. The low wind speed threshold was skipping everyday.


My system is 100% drip. I’d like to skip wind skipping altogether. Can I?

Absolutely. You can disable wind skip.