Wind skip savings inaccuracys


I have a system with a Rachio 16 and flow meter. I run most zones on flex daily. Im in Los Angeles so I rarely get any wind or rain skips but this week I did.

The water savings Rachio is saying I’ve made look inaccurate. The longest ive ever watered per day is 2.48 hours and the most amount of Gallons per day is 2847.98.

Rachio is stating that of the days that it skipped watering it saved 9.22 hours and 8761 gallons per day. Anyone know what could be making this happen? this does worry me about the accuracy of the flow meter. Thanks

Could you take me through the line of thinking that would lead you to believe this has something to do with the accuracy of the flowmeter and not a software problem?
Since water is not flowing and no measurements are being taken on a “skip” day, how does the meter have any effect on a calculation of water saved?

Ok sure does sound more like a software problem.

Any idea how to fix this? I’m reluctant to just accept this information rachio is giving me.

If I’m not mistaken…

Rachio doesn’t use the flow meter (at this time) to calculate water “savings”. Pretty sure Rachio still uses PR and area to calculate the estimated “usage” and subsequent “savings”.