Wind Skip Feature Useless

I spoke to representative and explained the process of wind skip logic. Basically looks at weather station ahead of time and sees if wind is going to exceed at the start of schedule. If it does exceed then skips your schedule entirely. Makes no effort to re-schedule throughout the rest of the day. I think instead of a wind skip there should be a wind delay that allows you to control how many re-attempts it can make for x period of time by looking back at the weather station data at that time. (real-time would be asking to much I suppose). Anyone aware of any other controllers that can handle this scenario?

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I also wish the Wind skip was a delay as well. Combine it with Flex Daily and End before Sunrise, and you got a lot of skips since Rachio might start watering at 9 or 10pm when the wind might still be higher than the threshold.

Also I wish I could chose a wind threshold other than increments of 5mph. For instance, I would have liked to set the wind skip at 8mph.

For now what I did was to set the watering to start at 1:30am when wind is most likely at its lowest, and then I had to split my zones into odd/even so that they can finish by sunrise. I will also be looking into combining zones and changing sprinkler heads with higher precipitation rates so that I can go back to watering any day.

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I’ve had wind skip cancel irrigation for 4 days straight. It wasn’t that windy! I checked the local weather station that I subscribe to and it’s records showed that it never reached the threshold of 20mph. Every now and then wind skip turns off the next irrigation cycle and I have the manually turn off wind skip

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Gee, I should have seen your post before I posted almost the same thing. It would be nice to have a wind delay.