Wind Restriction

While it is great to have temperature and rain restrictions, one feature I am looking for is the ability to not run if the wind is above a certain speed when it comes time to run. Running when the wind is at 30-40 miles an hour doesn’t do my lawn any good and I presently have to manually turn it off and remember to turn it on.

@chipradio‌ This is absolutely on our roadmap.

Thanks Chris, I’m in the shopping mode at the moment. Is there an ETA?

@chipradio‌ Hopefully in the next few weeks.

How exactly will it determine wind speed? Via sensor or weather data?

@davidkelley‌ Weather services include wind speed on an hourly basis.

exactly… circling back around on this. Is there any update on availability? I’m looking to buy something soon that has wind as a component. I’ve found one, but I like yours better (other than this missing feature).

@chipradio‌ Wind adds a lot of complexity as it doesn’t mean your yard received any precipitation, just that you don’t want to run your sprinklers at that given moment. This requires a shifting of the schedule. We are building this functionality, but will most likely not be in the next release. That one will be focused on features specific for EPA WaterSense Label approval.

I understand that your mindset is maintaining a water exposure. My request is merely trying to avoid wasting water. I would rather just skip it and catch it on the next scheduled day. I don’t want it running during the day, so delaying part of the day isn’t something I would want.

When this is available it will be a great feature. However, when trying to maintain a minimum level of watering I can see how complex this could get. If it is windy for the entire window of time to water during a given day and the zone is not watered every day, then the whole schedule would need to shift. Plus other zones that are not affected by wind could possibly need to be shifted in order to allow for the delayed zone to water during a desired time period. This feature will need to be tailored for all situations just not one. Thanks for the update!

Chris, is this still on the roadmap? If so, can you give us an update to the timeline.

I’m guessing this didn’t happen. Is it no longer planned, or is it implemented and I’m just missing it?


We have not incorporated wind, on road map, but no time frame for implementation.

An IFTTT recipe can probably be used until we release that native software feature.