"Will Water" information seems unrealistic for Flexible Daily schedule

Is it possible to get a more accurate “will water” estimate for flexible schedules?

One of my zones is pretty much sitting at 0% today, we are getting some rain, but I’m expecting rachio will still water the zone tomorrow morning based on what happened to similar zone in the past. What I am curious about though is why rachio is still claiming that it “will water” in 5 days, what is this estimate based on?

Thank you, I will follow up when it actually does water to see the difference between estimate and reality.

It’s saying that it’ll rain 0.23" precipiation today, and your grass only subtracts 0.10 - 0.12 in every day. So taht right there would push your watering back by 2 days or so.


Well I did not get as much rain as was forecasted, new estimate got pushed back by one day, rachio did not water. According to racho data, my lawn has been sitting at practically 0% for two days in a row now.

Another interesting thing is that weather forecast is 0.16 inches of rain and 0% chance at the same time.

Rain estimate dropped to 0.08 inches and rachio now shows that it will water tomorrow.

Yeah seems you are hovering right at 0 there. What is your Allowed Depletion set to? If you bump down that percentage it will mean that your water will “empty” sooner and your grass for water more frequently.

Depletion is set to 50%, efficiency to 80%. I decided to switch to a national (professional) weather station to see if precipitation data will more closely follow the forecasts. Unfortunately the closest official weather station is 8.5 miles away, about 8.2 miles further than the private station I was using. I’m getting a good amount of rain today (been raining for close to an hour now) so maybe it all worked out for the best.

@EBlawn Good to hear, sometimes flex scheduling works in magical ways.

One of the challenges in this fully dynamic model is a case where we get a significant precipitation forecast in the morning, and then by the time you see the forecast the zone looks depleted and the forecast is for a lower value of precipitation. Fortunately it corrects itself the next day if the rain doesn’t materialize, but…if day after day these bogus forecasts occur it can cause undo skipping.

Thanks for the feedback, also good to understand how the system is working in the wild.


This is why a mad of 50% is the default. Water can drop a little but not pass your permanent wilt point. I. Running at 80% but we are in drought so I’m about to move it back up to 50% as I have some hot spot on my turf. And all of my plants show some wilt the day before flex triggers again.