Will this weather station hook up to my rachio?

I have a gen 1 rachio, in Australia, and it doesn’t work with any online rain sensors, so I was thinking about buying a weather station, and trying to hook it up to that.

Will this one talk with the rachio?


@Columnmn - The weather stations don’t connect directly to the Rachio (Gen 1 or Gen 2). Instead the weather station reports its data to an internet site and then Rachio picks up the data from there. Rachio doesn’t support all of the internet weather services natively. Rachio can get data natively from PWSweather, CWOP and Aeris (which picks up the National Weather Service stations here in the US). As the linked weather station uploads to Weather Underground you can use the process described here (start around post 126 and look for Gene) Using WUnderground.com to integrate Personal Weather Stations to integrate the data from your weather station’s data being posted on Weather Underground and being posted to PWSweather.


Thanks for the help, that seems simple enough to implement (famous last words!).

I’ll get myself one!